Zhejiang Future Machinery  Co.,Ltd.is developed from  Ruian Donghua Medicine Processing  Machinery Co.,Ltd. The company has always aimed at developing Chinese pharmaceutical 
machine and surpassing European technical level of pharmaceutical   machine, and researching and developing new pharmaceutical machine. Holding a concept of "umanism oriented and 
repay to country" we have continuously offered more effective, intelligent, lower energy consumption and more steady new products, which were praised by all levels of government 
and won honour and powerful support and recognition from customers.
The company takes Medicine packing machine  and various granulating machine as two series  leading products. And manufacturing auxiliary machines to meet customers 'demands..

With annual production capacity over80,000,000,our products have been all over the  country and exported to several continents. Engineers of different levels and technicians 
engage in production development and research, marketing strategy research and service.

The company has passed ISO9001 quality system and organizing production according to Labor Law and safety Production Low strictly.

Our company will cordially welcome friends of  various circles and  new and old customers to  visit us for business  and  create an even  bright future with us hand in hand.

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